Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family Photos

Mark and I scheduled family photo day for the one month mile stone or as I like to call it 4 weeks. Just sounds better! We were able to do it when his parents were here so they could get a couple shots in with Olivia. I wont bore anyone with all of the photos but here are a couple of my favorites. We will be sending out copies to the family so not to worry. She is a little poser. Not sure if she will have a career in pictures as she got hot under all the bright lights but she was a trouper.

First Halloween.....

Well yesterday was Olivia's first Holloween. I knew she was too young for the trick or treating thing but Mark and I did get her an outift to wear to hand out candy to the kids. It was a pretty pink little skeleton that glows in the dark. She did manage to wear it for a couple minutes before spitting up so I got the picture below. She did not make it to stay up to hand out any candy though. She was fast asleep by 7pm. We tried. And I tried to take a photo in the dark of her glowing but it did not show up on camera. It worked though and she looked pretty scary.

Olivia's First Bath

We were waiting and waiting for her cord to fall off so that I could give her a bath. Just one of those things you really look forward to. Finally it happened and here is a pic. She was so happy to sit in warm water. It was too funny!

Grand Parents Visit.....

I have not posted in a long time... hard to find some quiet time. Currently we are doing great. We had Marks parents over for several weeks to see their first grandchild. While they were here we were able to make it out with Olivia on a couple dinner outings and shopping trips. She is a good evening baby.... sleeps through dinner... yeah! Not sure how long that will last but it was nice to get out and about. The weather was beautiful on just a couple days which is odd for this time of year. Normally we do not have much rain but Mark was able to take his dad out for a couple rounds of golf. They had a good time. I attached some pics from their visit.

We also celebrated a milestone...... Marks parents 40th wedding anniversary. With a new baby it is hard to throw a big party but we were able to go out for a nice dinner and have a celebretory cake cutting ceremony to share with everyone back in Ireland. Pics are below. Lets hope we all make it 40 years.......

Friday, October 2, 2009

First Doctor Visit

We took Olivia on Wednesday to her first Doctor visit and she got an A plus. She has gained about an ounce since leaving the hospital which they said was perfect. Well on her way to super stardum!!!!!!!!!!


So far she loves her Little Lamb seat and her Tummy Time Mat. I think she came out of me being able to lift her head so we thought we would try her mat out. She did very well for a couple minutes and then she was about done for the day.

More Photos

Just a couple more pics from one of the first days.